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  • Larabanga
    Immerse yourself in the tales of the mystic stone and learn about the captivating origins of the ancient mosque in Larabanga.....Click on image for more info
  • Mognori
    Experience life in tune with nature in Mognori.....Click on image for more info
  • Kulmasa Crocodile
    Learn and experience how Kulmasa people revere and relate to the crocodiles.....Click on image for more info
  • Roof Top Architecture
    Follow the trail of the rabbit hunt,, participate in the Deng Festival, and see the roof top architecture in Sonyo.....Click on image for more info
  • Bui Hippo
    Scout Mole National Park and Bui National Park for up-close and personal encounters with wild life....Click on image for more info
  • Traditional Weaving in Daboya
    Experience the long tradition of local cloth weaving heritage in Daboya.....Click on image for more info

 Testimonials from Tourists
“We were all completely mesmerized by the experience in Mognori Ecovillage and its gift will be enduring in the lives of our own children”



Ryan Land and his family, Netherlands, 2009
“In terms of sustainable development, you can see every dollar spent in Mognori Ecovillage at work in small but important improvements made to water, to agricultural production, and to the community school”



Ryan Land and his family, Netherlands, 2009
“After visiting Mole our car broke down so we were forced to forego a trip to Wa and instead decided to check out Mognori. What a surprise! It was great. The day we spent with Moses and his people was truly terrific. They've certainly done tourism right in Mognori, and I recommend it to anyone who travels to the area. You won't be disappointed”
Susan Anddoug, Netherlands, 2009
“Life can be very simple and yet function very well! No water lines, no sewer lines, no electrical wires, no TV antennas just mud-brick houses and thatched roofs, goats, chickens, children, and wonderfully warm people you meet when you stroll through town in Mognori Ecovillage”

Bybegone, Netherlands, 2009
““At first I was somewhat skeptical about the ‘Mole experience?as it was described as a ‘must see and the best place to visit in Ghana? After I experienced it myself, I have no choice but to agree. […] It was fantastic to see people and animals living so close together […]. On reaching home we immediately went to bed dreaming about walking safaris, elephants and baboons as well as the best weekend we had had since our stay in Ghana? ”

Jan Callens, 2009
““Probably sthe best surprise [in Mole National Park was] that one didn’t have to descend the hill to the Park to enjoy the sight of wildlife, but that there were actually a lot of monkeys and even elephants living and walking around the Motel itself. Leaving our room, we saw a whole group of baboons sitting on our doorstep and relaxing under a tree.?”

Jan Callens, 2009


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